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Complaint's Policy

At Pure Dental Care our aim is to give the best possible care and treatment to our patients. All feedback, comments, concerns and complaints about our services are to be encouraged and welcomed from patients and should be viewed as a positive way of looking at what we do and making changes to improve our service to patients. This policy is in line with the NHS Complaints Procedures.

We aim to deal with complaints promptly, courteously and efficiently. We will try to deal with complaints as they arise. If the complaint cannot be dealt with within 3 working days, the practice Feedback and Complaints Officer will write to the patient telling them:

  1. - What action the practice will take to look into the patient's complaint;
    - Offer the patient the chance to talk to a member of staff;
    - Let them know when the practice will respond (normally within 20 working days);
    - Let them know that their complaint will be kept confidential but that we may have to talk to other NHS staff or show them the patient’s dental record in order to investigate the complaint; the patient will be asked to let us know as soon as possible if they do not want us to share information;
    - Give them information about advice and support available to help them with their complaint, e.g. the Patient Advice and Support Service.

The complaint will be investigated and a full written response will be sent to the patient within 20 working days of receiving the complaint.

If we are unable to keep to this timescale we will let the patient know and tell them why.

All complaints will be kept confidential and the information the patient gives us will be reviewed, discussed and documented at practice meetings and used to improve the services we provide. We will also submit quarterly statistics on complaints to Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.