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Dental Implants

Missing tooth or teeth apart from looking unsightly may cause harm to the adjacent teeth. Neighboring teeth can grow into spaces disrupting the bite and causing food packing in interdental spaces.

Dental implant, or tooth implant, is a long fixed term solution to replace a missing tooth. A titanium screw is gently threaded in the region of the missing tooth, replacing tooth root. Once the dental implant has had time to integrate with your bone, usually a few months, we attach a crown to this. They feel and look like a natural tooth and unlike a bridge we don’t have to prepare the adjacent teeth to support them.

Because several factors affect the treatment planning, we recommend you see our dental implant surgeon for an implant assessment and see if dental implants are the solution for you.


If you are missing a tooth, a simple solution can be to have a bridge fitted. The bridge is cemented onto your existing teeth. Modern bridges are made using porcelain or ceramic and are carefully matched to the natural colour of your teeth.

There are many advantages to the dental bridge:

  • you can smile again
  • you can speak and chew properly again
  • the shape of your face is maintained
  • it takes away the strain from the teeth at either side - the gap left by a missing tooth can mean your ‘bite’ is affected as the teeth either side of the gap lean into the gap and change the way the upper and lower teeth bite together

Come and speak to one of our dentists who will advise you on the best options for you.


ade of acrylic (plastic) or metal, dentures are removable replacement teeth secured to a plate and often held in place by implants or adjacent teeth. With careful planning, construction and fitting, modern dentures are natural looking and fit accurately.

There are several types of Dentures available:

  • Full or complete dentures - replacing all upper or lower teeth
  • Partial dentures - replacing one tooth or a few missing teeth
  • Metal or cobalt chrome dentures - replacing all or a few missing teeth but taking support from teeth and gums.

Our qualified dental professionals will advise you on dental care and, where suitable, provide you with options for alternatives to dentures such as DENTAL IMPLANTS and BRIDGES.