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We offer both amalgam and white fillings. Some people like to get their silver fillings replaced with white tooth coloured fillings.


Teeth may need to be extracted due to severe gum disease or if they are broken down due to decay. Wisdom teeth may also be required to be extracted to alleviate pain if they are impacted.

At Pure dental care our gentle clinicians will take all precautions to do the process as atraumatically as possible. You may wish to get sedation for the procedure if you are extremely nervous.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required when decay in a tooth or under a filling has approached the nerve of the tooth. This may also be needed after the tooth has met with an injury during play or a fall. If left unattended it can develop a tooth abscess and cause more pain.

The process consists of numbing the tooth, removing the infected nerve and then filling the nerve canal followed by restoring the tooth. Once the Root canal has been done and tooth crowned successfully it can maintain function for many years.


A crown is a cover that is placed over a chipped or broken tooth. It is also used to cap root treated teeth that become brittle or teeth with large fillings. At Pure dental care we offer a range of crowns from metal to ceramic and porcelain fused to metal crowns.