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With age, the natural elasticity of the skin is lost through loss of collagen, fat and other naturally moisturizing elements from the skin. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that restores volume by reducing wrinkles and eliminating lines and folds in the skin. The results are instant and last upto18 months depending on the product used.

Fillers are made primarily from hyaluronic acid or collagen. They come in preformed syringes and are manufactured in varied thickness starting from a gel-like to more liquid consistency.

Are there any side effects?

Fortunately, the side effects from filler treatment are rare and people can return to their normal daily life immediately after the treatment. It is a common procedure with many thousand of treatments being carried in UK and even more around the world.

Commonest side effect relates to the injection given in the site like mild bruising and swelling. This can be significantly reduced by applying cold packs soon after the treatment.

If you are prone to a cold sore, filler treatment in that area might cause them to break out again. Your clinician can prescribe a course of antiviral treatment to prevent them from recurring. Allergic reaction to filler is extremely rare.