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Hygienist Service

We are pleased to be able to offer a dedicated Dental Hygienist who specialized in full mouth disinfection, and will provide all essential hygiene services.

At Pure Dental Care we believe passionately in prevention and maintenance as the key to warding off oral diseases and tooth loss.

As well as your teeth, the health of your gums, mouth and general well being is essential to help you keep your teeth forever. Gum disease and poor dental hygiene have been linked to many serious illnesses, such as diabetes, bacterial lung disease, heart disease and even strokes.

Our range of hygiene services include

  • Hygiene Therapy - a great value standard clean and polish, with oral hygiene advice as required.
  • Cosmetic clean and polish - using our gentle air-polishing treatment - your natural bright smile is restored.
  • Air polishing - using a combination of air and a super-fine, flavoured powder, the air polisher blasts away ingrained stains and restores your teeth to their natural whiteness. Painless and effective, the results are immediate and astounding.
  • Smoker’s deep clean - using a combination of ultrasonic cleaning, airflow and diamond polishing, this treatment will remove deep staining caused by smoking helping you to regain a healthy, confident smile.
  • Full mouth disinfection - an intensive course of treatment for peridontitis, or serious gum disease.

Our Dental Hygienist is particularly good with nervous patients and children and will provide you with the best hygiene advice for you and your family.

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Tooth Whitening

Your teeth can lose their sparkle over time due to ageing, smoking, drinking, tea, coffee, red wine, eating certain foods and can become stained and darker.

When carried out by qualified dental care professionals, tooth whitening is safe, impressive and long lasting.

At Pure Dental Care, our specialists offer tooth whitening to reverse age and food-related yellowing and will monitor your whitening. If your teeth need that extra lift, they will provide you with a bespoke mouthguard with gel which you can then use in your own time.

We also offer air polishing to help keep your teeth naturally white and stain free. This method uses water, air and a fine, flavoured powder to gently and naturally remove plaque and stubborn stains from your teeth; it also gives you a superior clean feeling. Air polishing is always recommended before tooth whitening as it improves the final result.

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We also offer the following:

  • Thermal Diffuser Whitening
  • Internal Whitening
  • Laser Whitening
  • Home Whitening

A veneer is a fine shell-like layer of porcelain or ceramic shaped to fit an individual tooth or several teeth to cover any irregularities or discoloration in your front teeth.

Colour matched with the rest of your teeth to ensure it looks as natural as possible a veneer is a quick and effective method which can help to close gaps, correct slight crowding, improve the appearance of crooked teeth if braces are not possible, make a chipped tooth look intact and cover general discoloration due to ageing.

An instant boost to your smile!

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